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Our Team

We are five young engineers graduated at the Politecnico di Milano.
This university has been a good place in which we developed both technical skills and solid methodology. Moreover, the team has developed good analysis skills and the ability to work hard under pressure.

Within the team, it is possible to identify three sub-teams, one for each of the major platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows). In that way, we are able to develop a solution in parallel, for all the platforms on the market.

Some of the team components are still involved in university's activities, to get a PhD or to collaborate with the projects developed by the Politecnico di Milano. We want to increase our knowledge continuously, by keeping in touch with the academic world, which is always on the edge of the technology.

Within our studies, every component of the team worked on a very wide range of projects: web services optimization, 3D graphics and robotics, only to mention some of them. In particular, in the last field, one of team members won the "Robocup Rescue Simulation League, Virtual Robot Competition" in 2012, as a member of the PoAReT Team of the Politecnico di Milano. The RoboCup is one of the most important international contest and, in 2012, it took place in Mexico City.

I componenti

Michele Amori [LinkedIn]
Riccardo Cipolleschi [LinkedIn]
Daniele Galli [LinkedIn]
Matteo Ragaglia [LinkedIn]
Paolo Zambotti [LinkedIn]

Walter Cipolleschi - Menthor, commercial management - [LinkedIn]