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Our solutions

BizAppCelerator has already developed some important solutions and others are in a development stage. Moreover, our customers are important too...

In the stores

Microsoft OEM SmartInfo

The first app that we distributed through the stores is Microsoft OEM SmartInfo.

It is a free, multi-platform app, localized in 12 different languages. The app has been developed under the direct supervision of the Italian Microsoft OEM Division, and that is why the app has "Microsoft" in its name.

The aim of this app is to provide a unique place where Microsoft Partners can read about the Microsoft OEM Marketing Division initiatives and proposals.

Microsoft OEM SmartInfo provides three channels. They are dedicated to:

  • Microsoft news and market news
  • Microsoft initiatives to promote competencies in its partner community
  • Opportunities and offers powered by Microsoft and main hardware vendors

In Microsoft OEM SmartInfo you can:

  • Read and watch multimedia contents (audio, video, text and images)
  • Be informed in real time about the news, thanks to the Push Notification mechanism
  • Share the contents with your contacts network.

Microsoft OEM SmartInfo has been developed for the most important platforms on the market:

  • Windows 8 and RT
  • Windows Phone 7 and 8
  • Apple iOS
  • Android

Moreover, if you want, you can can read the same contents through a RSS feed channel by using your browser or any feed reader you prefer (English contents can be found at

At the following links, you can find what the press says about our solution (Italian press):

Android app on Google Play

On our customers' devices

BizAppCelerator develops also specific solutions not to be distributed by the stores. This kind of app is usually dedicated to a customer only and installed internally, to customer's devices.

Mobile Molecule

Up to now, our most important app of that kind has been developed for the R&D division of an important Italian Pharmaceutical industry.
This app relies on a database, which contains reserved information and which is protected by advanced authentication solutions; top managers access the database by using their own mobile device, in a very simple and safe way.

Si tratta di un'app che permette l'accesso a un database contenente informazioni riservate, protetto da avanzate soluzioni di autenticazione, grazie alla quale un numero ristretto di top manager può avere accesso alle informazioni richieste, dal proprio dispositivo mobile, in modo sicuro, ma anche semplice e immediato.

In development


Another initiative, which we are involved in, is targeted to services for car drivers.

Our solution in this area is called CarHelp: it is an advanced mobile application (for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone devices) whose purposes are: to make life for car drivers easier and to make the business for those who offer services more profitable and modern.

Our projects

In the Stores

On our customers' devices In development